Much better, don’t you think?

After my sister’s suggestion, I thought a more symmetrical, more “logo-y” look would be possible if I merged that clever fox from before with the instantly iconic pen nib shape. Here he is in color and monochrome.

The pen can symbolize writing (which I am very good at already) as well as drawing and creative arts (which I am trying to be good at). So yeah! Time to approach both with cleverness.

I needed a signature icon to put on any future things I make. Working with the first letter of my name made the most sense!

I’m hoping making graphic things like this will get me on the path to a creative career. The K is a little doorway to new places or new ideas or something better, really. And that’s me trying to get there while still taking a piece of home with me. 

It’s a K and an L (my last name’s first letter) gosh aren’t I just the cleverest

Hi there! The other thing I’ve been mulling over is a personal logo/brand!

The fox is the animal world’s symbol of cleverness, and it happens to be my favorite color as well. I drew the above sketch all the way back in freshman year of college, in 2010. I liked his shape so much I kept him all these years and decided to put him to use here. Ann helped me figure out a lot of basic illustrator stuff too, which I thank her for!

Upon showing it to my sister, she said it looked like a pen. Which might have been a rather good moment of inspiration. More to come!